Use Fruit to Help Loosen Baby Teeth

lost toothEvery child will undergo the process of losing the milk teeth before the permanent ones emerges. Losing one may be traumatic to a kid, but it does not have to be that way. Once a primary tooth loosen up and rocks, the parent or dentist does not necessarily have to pull it. It may cause a negative psychological effect on the child. Little than most grown ups know, there is one smart way to take the kid’s milk tooth off by letting the child bite through an apple or any hard fruit that is preferred by the child.


It helps on rocking the loose tooth.


By biting and chewing any hard fruit, the child will rock the loose tooth and helps facilitate the detachment of the tooth from the gum. Loose milk tooth may not easily fall. Sometimes it can take a couple of days to a few weeks before it detaches from the gums. In the course of this detachment, the child may feel uncomfortable and irritated. Boosting the process of detachment may help the child lessen the discomfort. It may even surprise you or your child that the tooth will fall while eating.


It helps on removing tartar.


Due to the presence of moving milk tooth, a child may not thoroughly brush the surface of the teeth near the loose one. Some tartar may be left and develop to plaques that can destroy the enamel of the other teeth. Apples and some hard fruits may contain enzymes that can destroy this formation of plaques. By eating hard fruits and chewing on them the surface of the teeth are forming friction with the fruit and scrape those plaques and tartar. Therefore, eating apples and fruits may help on loosening the moving tooth and clean the surface of the other teeth.


It freshens the breath of the child.


As earlier said, a child with loose tooth may not fully brush the whole teeth due to the discomfort brought by it. In some cases, there are children who becomes scared with the whole process of brushing the teeth. Apples have polyphenols, a compound that can inhibit the formation of bad breath. This compound have bacteria fighting agents to combat the growth of odor causing microorganisms. Nibbling with apples may actually contribute to a fresher breath.


Fruits are rich in vitamin c.


With a rocking tooth comes swelling too. Swelling makes the gums more sensitive and prone to abrasion. Abrasion, even the smallest ones, is still an opening that can be an entry for infection. With the help of vitamin c from eating apples and other hard fruits, the immune system of the child will be boosted. The child’s body will be ready to combat any infection.


There are more fun ways to take off your child’s loose tooth than pulling it or pushing it. Letting them eat apples or hard fruits may effortlessly allow the tooth to fall. It is fun and healthy for kids, and more than that, this method decreases your child’s suffering emotionally and physically and saves you a trip in the cold Calgary S.E. to visit a dentist.

6 Lesser Known Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruit

While you probably have heard the old saying that apple a day keeping the doctor away, too many times to count, there are a variety of other benefits which come from eating fruit with which you may not be as familiar. People who eat fruit are much more likely to be healthy than those who are eating processed foods, and there are many reasons why. One of the healthiest superfood available on the planet, and it comes pre-packaged in its natural state. What could be better or more convenient?

Fruit is Mostly Water

What? Yes, most fruit is made up of more than 75% water (similar to the human body), which means that it helps to keep us hydrated and healthy, even if we don’t get to drink those eight glasses of water every day. Hydration not only helps with healthy looking skin and vibrancy, it also promotes better brain function and flushes toxins from the body. Don’t substitute drinking water for eating fruit, but doing both can only benefit your body with this food that has the highest percentage of water content of any food on the earth.

Fruit Helps with Fertility

Knowing how to increase fertility by what you eat is one important aspect to consider when trying to get pregnant. Although not specifically only from fruit, a healthy diet consisting of high concentrations of fruits and vegetables is vital for a woman who is trying to get pregnant. In fact, a man’s fertility can be increased by eating a healthy diet as well. So if you want to increase your chances of conceiving a baby, be sure to exercise regularly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, gets the right amount of sleep, and live a generally healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Roadside Fruit and Jam Sales

Running a U-Pick farm, or really any type of farm for that matter, brings with it the need for a certain amount of flexibility and ingenuity. Sometimes the fruit gets over-extended and runs out, but other times there is an overabundance. While some people still buy or grow their own fresh fruit in order to make their own jellies and jams, this is becoming a dying art and so we here at Chatham Berry Farm make an effort of providing a large range of it for our customers. We know you don’t always have time (or the desire) to do it yourself.

roadside fruit stand

Our old roadside fruit stand

So many people have become accustomed to enjoying the benefits of the labor we put into our fruit by enjoying it fresh as well as in jams and jellies. And in order to provide the most convenience possible, we offer the roadside fruit stand. This way people can stop by and pick up fruit on their way to and from work or other places, without having to drive all the way into the territory of the actual berry farm. Even with the slower pace of farm life that we try to have around here, we understand that we need to make things as quick and easy as possible to accommodate people’s busy lives.

Most people drive by roadside fruit and jam stands fairly regularly, sometimes every day, often without giving a second thought to the structure of the actual stand itself. Of course this is because they all come to look at the fruit–not the stand–and that’s exactly what we want! But a lot of work goes into not only growing the fruit, but making sure that the roadside stand where it is sold from is sound enough to hold everything. This way we can provide the best location for our customers to buy their jams and fruit.

Typically, fruit stands need to be sturdy and protective, while also remaining somewhat portable and convenient for moving when seasons change, and in Canada they sure do change! Stands which are made out of wood can get heavy to move around, but anything lighter weight can be easily blown away during a storm or other inclement weather. So when my husband and I started looking at designs for our roadside stand, we knew that we wanted high quality wood with a small roof to protect the produce from sun as well as the occasional rain shower.

Honestly, I know very little about building things, I just know what I want the finished product to be. Good homemade shelves were a must for my roadside stand, as I wanted them to look good as well as be quite functional. My husband did a great job with these as he proudly used his brand new miter saw! (Apparently this miter saw was a very important purchase as he did hours of research online. He said he read tons and tons of miter saw reviews prior to deciding exactly which saw he wanted to purchase.)

It seems that he made the right decision because he did a fabulous job and was able to make them quickly and easily.)

In addition to sturdy shelves, I also wanted some boxes or crates, but instead of using new wood I wanted to use the wood from some old pallets which were still in really good shape. Not only did I want to recycle the wood and save some money, but I liked the worn look of the wood for the boxes, versus the new wood that he used for the shelves. My husband was able to reclaim the wood from the pallets and re-create them into functional crates which look really great as well.

Although berry season eventually comes to an end, I am always still excited about the roadside stand which brings with it such a grand feeling of summer. And with the quality craftsmanship of my husband, combined with my eye for design, I think we made a pretty good team on this project. I wonder what other kinds of projects I’ll come up with for my husband next? I know he’ll be excited to use his new saw!

Image from Flickr by Eric Chan

You’ve seen the dogs, but how do we keep them out of our award winning fruit?

How many of you have gone through the troubles of keeping your pets out of the garden, bushes, or crop? If you’ve had a dog before, odds are you know what I’m talking about. With so much going on all the time, it’s tough to keep tabs on all our dogs here at the berry farm at all points in time, and I imagine you can relate.

strawberry and raspberry on the farm

Some of our delicious strawberries and raspberries!

Well, this was actually an issue quite a few years ago now. We’ve always had dogs on the farm for as long as I can remember, and it’s a tradition we’ve kept to very well. Not to mention all the litters of puppies we’ve been surprised with that have made it a little too easy to have dogs here! They used to get into the berries and would often eat a fair amount of them, and generally squish or soil most of the rest of them. When we had a big litter and some adult dogs running around, the issue was at it’s worst. The berries that we spent all spring growing was now ruined, eaten, and useless. We lost some money as a side effect, and this was when we knew it was time to do something to keep the dogs away from the berries at all times. No one really blamed the dogs, though many of us were angry about the situation. But dogs will be dogs, and it was our fault for not keeping them away!

None of us here at the farm are believers in caging up pets or tying them to a post. For a while we had to keep them in the fenced back yard so that they did not disturb customers while they were picking, and so they didn’t destroy the berries.

Not long after this however, we discovered that wireless fences were a thing. This is what changed our lives and the dogs’ lives for the better. We did our research on tons of sites like and stores looking for the right brand and model (there’s more than you’d think!), and even throughout the years we’ve upgraded a few times to accommodate more dogs and a larger area. Setting up the fence was way cheaper than anyone here thought! It just took a bit of time and patience, and we had set up the wire-perimeter (and little flags) all around the berries. We knew that the collars they came with wouldn’t hurt the dogs, so we were all very pleased with that. Once we let the dogs out into the front area again, they were as happy as can be!

It took no more than a few days for them to get used to the little noise and static correction that the collars make to realize that they should turn back and stay away from the flagged areas. Dogs are smarter than you’d think! Ever since then we’ve had absolutely no problems with our berries getting eaten, soiled, or smashed by our pups! Every once in a while you’ll see a cat strolling through the berry bushes, but they’re mainly just trying to get from one end to the other.

Delicious AND Nutritional?


Today on the blog we’ve got a special guest. The team over at Thrive Fitness has agreed to speak with us, specifically Angela who is not only a personal trainer in Burnaby, BC but also a nutritionist. We’re going to be talking about Berries (what else?) and the powerful impacts they can have on your health. Take it away Angela!

Everyone knows fruit is healthy, but I’ve found that explaining the science of it all helps my clients grasp a better understanding of why it’s incredibly important that they eat their fruit (and of course veggies!). Today I’m excited to discuss specifically about berries.

First off, if you have access to in season berries you’d be nuts not to go for it. Ideally buy it at the farmers market because the fewer miles it travels the better it’s going to be for you! Generally speaking, if it doesn’t have to travel as far there will be less toxins on it. An extremely important factor when deciding where to buy your produce. And if you can get it organic all the better. Most of us take for granted how many pesticides are sprayed on fruit and vegetables and the implications that such pesticides have on our body. Because the idea of organic and pesticides isn’t a terribly old idea there ins’t enough information to really give us concrete evidence one way or another in terms of the overall impact.

My philosophy at the grocery store has always been if you can’t pronounce or don’t know what an ingredient is then you shouldn’t put it in your mouth. You wouldn’t spray a cleaner in your mouth that is loaded with chemicals so why would you eat produce that is riddled with foreign substances? Essentially all you’re doing is overloading the body with unnecessary toxins that have a negative impact.

Mmmm Berries

One the buzz words going around the health and fitness world is “antioxidants”. It comes up all the time and while it gets tossed around with far too much frequency we shouldn’t ignore it. This is a massive generalization (antioxidants) and covers a huge range of compounds which all have different implications. For instance some help the immune system, others help to fight cancer cells while others might fight disease. Flavonoids for example are found in Strawberries and Blueberries. They help us stay sharp as we age fighting cognitive decline, something that we often take for granted until we start having issues with memory loss.

Berries are packed full of vitamins and minerals as well. They’re often contain high sugar content but because it’s a naturally occurring sugar it doesn’t have the same damaging effect that white sugar has on the body. That said, don’t overdue it because at the end of the day it is sugar!

Enjoy your blueberries :) (or Raspberries!)

Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

Fruit Berries - Perfect For SmoothiesWe often get asked, “what do you do with all the fruit that doesn’t get picked”.

We eat it of course. Duh :)

But in all seriousness, we’re not often left with an overwhelming amount of fruit to consume. Usually it’s enough that we can eat it all up while it’s in season. Of course, we make delicious homemade jams which we sell out of our store which helps a great deal relieving the burden of excess fruit. Our jam has made waves across the nation and we ship it all across the country to restaurants looking for the finest jams. Usually this takes care of the fruit issue (ps: it’s not really an issue. Whens the last time you said “I have too many delicious blackberries I can’t eat them all”?) Yeah we’ve never said that either.

If we have a surprisingly slow year we have to get a little bit creative. Mom can only make so much jam and we’re not about to outsource it to a factory, that goes against what we’re all about. Making a quick buck while sacrificing integrity is something we will never do. We’ve turned down weddings because we felt like that particular wedding wouldn’t be a good fit (or that particular bride was particularly rude – excuse me but just because you’re getting married doesn’t give you the right to be a raging b*tch).

So when we get a massive surplus we freeze a ton of fruit. We make a ton of delicious green smoothies and we make an overwhelming number of pies. We also donate fruit every year, and when we have a particularly awesome year we just donate a little bit more. In years past we’ve done the “we-pick” as opposed to the “u-pick” to try and get rid of fruit and while it worked to some extent it really wasn’t worth it.

What would you suggest we do with excess fruit? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Great Ways For Farmers to Earn Extra Money

Being a farmer is tough, mainly because land is expensive, and if you live in an area with a poor climate, you are unable to use your main asset for a portion of the year. Some farmers are able to grow crops all year long, but not everyone has that luxury so many farmers and their families seek out extra sources of income. There is a common saying that goes something like this:

The secret to a successful farmer is a wife who works in town

The joke is that most farmers cant make enough money from the goods that they farm to survive, so one of the members of the family has to get a job in town. Of course, this is not always true but typically can be.


Even though famers who live in poor climates have some of their land unable to produce crops during the winter, that does not mean they can not make any money off of it. There are plenty of other things that farmers can do during the growing off season to earn a bit of cash from their land and build up a bit of savings. Here are some good ones.

1) Hunting – Many farms have what a lot of hunters need (and want) –  a sizeable amount of land! Many hunters need to get access to public land through private land, or if there is no access, they need permission to hunt on private land from the land owner so that they will be able to fill their freezer for the winter. Often times, land owners can cash in on this deal many different ways – they get a stipend from the state game and fish or natural resources office if a game animal is harvested on their place (usually 15-20% of the total cost of the tag). Not only can the landowner make a bit of extra cash off of the tag fee, but they can also make a bit of money from the hunters – either in the form of leasing their land to an outfitter or by charging hunters a small fee to access. Many hunters gladly will pay if a farmer has good wildlife resources on their property. You do need to be careful about this though, because if you over sell one year you will end up with nothing the next year. There are plenty of different hunting websites to find hunters in your area that you can look at, and one of my favorite hunting websites is hunting insight.

2) Tours/Events – There are many people that have not been on a farm before, and always are curious about how farms work and what people do on a farm (shocking, right?). If you are interested, you can offer your farm for tours to locals or a local school and take the kids around when production has halted in the fall. You can tell them about what you do and how you do it, the equipment that you use and everything else you do on a day to day basis as a farmer. There are also events that you can hold at your farm. Some of the more popular ones are obviously concerts, but also corn mazes and other holiday themed activities. These events have been growing in popularity, and since farmers have lots of land at their disposal they can create a good environment for these types of things. Even better if you can get a good concert series to your place every year – a sure thing dose of extra cash!

3) Passion Events - This is another one of the many things available to farmers because of the large amount of land they own. You can read more about side hustles for farming at the modern farmer, but an amusement park is one of the better ideas. There are also opportunities if you are willing to host weddings or do something with your farm that you are passionate about. There are many different things that you could do to bring in a bit of extra revenue during the down season, and it is up to you to go out and find it. One thing that we recommend is that you find something that you enjoy doing – that way it wont feel like work when you’re doing it. Make sure it makes a bit of money, but dont pick a project because you think it will make a lot of money. Pick one you enjoy and see if that will make a lot of money – like go cart racing or something similar.

Living on a farm can be tough, and cash can get tight. There are a lot of ways for farmers to generate extra revenue in just a bit of time using the assets they already have. If this is the difference between saving and losing your farm, you should always try something. Even if you end up failing, at least you can say that you tried.

Image Flickr User Egan Snow.